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Make your mark. 

SALVO is a consulting firm. We specialize in identifying the right thing to say to the right people in order to achieve our clients' goals effectively and concisely. We help companies, nonprofits, and government entities find their voice on the local, state and federal levels of government.

Our practice takes a client-focused, value-based approach to solving problems. We tailor our messages to reach your target audience, and bolster that message with thorough research, supporting data, and multi-platformed advocacy.

Our philosophy is anchored by the notion that all politics is local. We ensure that our clients have sturdy roots in local government by cultivating lasting relationships with local leaders and stakeholders; and we facilitate brand awareness by telling your story to those leaders. 

We apply that same theory to every level of government. Our communications strategies have also resulted in successful statewide and federal legislative initiatives, as well as statewide government procurement projects and public relations campaigns.  

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania government relations, lobbying and communications firm SALVO Strategies. 

As a 100% woman-owned business entity, SALVO Strategies is a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania-certified DBE.

SALVO Strategies offers unmatched Government Relations services in Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, and Washington, D.C. We specialize in communications, public relations, procurement, and direct lobbying. Our mission is to be our clients' voice in government. 

What we do 

Be a part of the conversation. 

In the halls of local, state and federal offices across the Commonwealth and in the United States Capitol, knowing what to say is only half the battle; it's who you say it to. We are expert communicators and relationship managers who have cultivated a diverse network of leaders in the business, government, and political spheres. We align our network and knowledge base with your interests in order to bolster your presence in government. 

SALVO offers full-scale, thorough representation on behalf of our clients, on every level of government. We serve as both their eyes and ears in the rooms where decisions are made, and their boots on the ground when a particular issue requires a solution. We produce succinct, streamlined materials and ensure that they make it to the desks of the stakeholders most important to our clients' issues. Our belief is that the best defense is a great offense - our clients remain on the offensive, proactively engaging our government, always working to improve the system for all of us. 

You have a constitutional right to petition your government. Whether you are looking to do business with them, or you want to participate in the debate of a certain issue, our mission at SALVO is to assist you in the navigation through the arduous landscapes and confounding channels of government. 

Our Team

Vanessa DeSalvo Getz


Vanessa is the Founder and President of SALVO Strategies. With a career spanning over two decades, she is a fixture in the inner-circles of Pennsylvania’s most prominent political influencers.

Vanessa’s career began in 1992 in the office of the Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. In 1993, she joined the Pennsylvania government relations firm Greenlee Partners as Director of Special Projects and rejoined as Managing Director in 2007. She founded SALVO in 2016, where she manages public affairs, legislative advocacy, and procurement projects for a diverse portfolio of clients. She not only carries out SALVO’s legislative strategies in the State Capitol, but also represents clients from the engineering, sports/entertainment, accounting, municipal, tourism, energy, and health care sectors on the local, state and federal levels of government.

Vanessa’s core competencies include networking, fundraising, media, policy, research, and grassroots initiatives. She has been an often sought-after strategist, information analyst, and event planner for campaigns, from school boards to the Supreme Court, over the past 25 years. A top-notch fundraiser, Vanessa has raised tens of millions of dollars for political candidates and charitable organizations nation-wide.

In 2000, Vanessa was recruited to serve as Executive Director for Bob Casey, Jr.’s re-election campaign to Pennsylvania State Auditor General. In 2002, she served in the same capacity for the Bob Casey for Governor Election. In 2003, Auditor General Casey turned to Vanessa to serve as Campaign Manager for his bid for State Treasurer. As Bob Casey's Western Pennsylvania Campaign Manager, she led the effort resulting in his successful run for the United States Senate. Throughout her career, Vanessa has been instrumental in the advancement of the interests of numerous non-profits and major corporations, such as Lloyd’s of London, State Farm Insurance, and Port Authority of Allegheny County. She also played a key role in the development of Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers; as well as projects for Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company and the City of Philadelphia.

Vanessa is recognized across the Commonwealth by political organizations, non-profits, and public leaders as an accomplished political professional, with the compassion and drive to make a difference in Pennsylvania. Her accomplishments earned her a selection to the list of Pennsylvania's top 24 "Most Politically Powerful Women." Vanessa is a member of the Waynesburg University Board of Trustees. In 2014, she was the recipient of the California University of Pennsylvania’s Wilbur Samuel Jackman Alumni Award of Distinction. In 2016, she delivered the keynote address at her alma mater’s Commencement.

Politics was a family value instilled in Vanessa by her late father, Ron DeSalvo, who was a pillar in Fayette County and regional politics. Ron served eighteen years as a Luzerne Township Supervisor and Roadmaster. He played a vital role in transportation and infrastructure projects within the region. Numerous family members have had the privilege of holding elected office and proudly served in various public safety positions throughout southwestern Pennsylvania since the early 1950’s.

Vanessa was born and raised in Fayette County. She resides in Rosslyn Farms, Allegheny County, with her husband, Blake, and their two sons, Chase and Max. She is a spa enthusiast; and she enjoys Pilates and spending time with her family. Vanessa earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Marketing from California University of Pennsylvania.

   Our Founder: Vanessa DeSalvo Getz

For Vanessa, politics was a family value. SALVO Strategies aims to continue the legacy of Vanessa's father, Ron, in being our clients' voice in government. SALVO Specializes in Communications, Government Relations, Public Affairs, Procurement, and Direct Lobbying. We are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Marios Kritiotis


Marios is a government relations specialist with over ten years of political and government relations experience. His ability to take complex policy perspectives and distill them into cogent, influential advocacy materials has earned him a reputation as an extremely effective communicator and strategist among local, state, and federal leaders in Pennsylvania.

Marios started his professional career on the 2008 Obama/Biden presidential campaign as a field operative, organizing volunteers and building coalitions with elected officials in western Pennsylvania. After securing an Election Day victory in each of his assigned precincts, he joined the lobbying firm Greenlee Partners in 2009. For five years, Marios successfully advanced the agendas of a broad portfolio of clients on every level of government. He was instrumental in the passage of House Bill 254 (2011), expanding Pennsylvania’s Automated Red Light Enforcement program; and he also successfully lobbied to protect and extend the Pennsylvania Film Tax Credit. Representing the Port Authority of Allegheny County, Marios worked to influence critical votes during the tense debate over HB 1060 (2013), which injected billions of dollars into Pennsylvania’s transportation infrastructure.

When the opportunity to return to the political arena presented itself to Marios, he put his lobbying career on hold to manage gubernatorial and congressional campaigns in western Pennsylvania. He re-joined his mentor when she started SALVO Strategies in 2016, representing clients in the fire services, recycling, and development industries in the State Capitol. Marios is passionate about solving problems using creativity and research, and is known for creating sleek, multi-platform content for legislators, community leaders, and other project stakeholders. His record of cooperating with members and leaders from both major political parties allows him to appeal to legislators from a wide array of the political spectrum.

The son of a Cypriot immigrant who came to the United States to get an education after civil war and conflicts left few opportunities in his home country, Marios knows all too well the impact governments’ policies have on their citizens, and the importance of collaboration in public policy.

Marios lives in McCandless Township, Allegheny County, a short drive from where he grew up on Pittsburgh’s North Side, with his wife Julia, their daughter Stella, and their son Michael. He is an avid hunter, fisherman, and guitarist.

He is a graduate of Slippery Rock University, where he majored in Political Science.

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I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 

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